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#1 2009-01-12 10:51:34 Forwind, appel à participation code + musique

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Forwind, appel à participation code + musique

Retransmission d'un message diffusé sur plusieurs listes de discussion, qui peut en intéresser certains par ici :

citation :

Forwind calls musicians/software developers/artists who write custom audio software to submit both a piece of music created with the software and the software itself for inclusion in an audio and software compilation due to be released mid 2009.

This compilation will strive to present both the software and audio on an equal footing. Design of the end package will be in the very capable hands of Paul Finn from Fitzroy & Finn (

Software may but not necessarily need to include patches/code from PureData/Max MSP, Supercollider, Chuck, CSound, Faust, CLM, Snd-Rt, VSTs, Ladspa's, Processing, bespoke sound apps (C/C++, python, ruby, fortran, assembly!) et al ...

Licensing issues will be resolved on a case by case basis (very much up to the author). Ownership of copyright of material (audio and software) will continue to be that of the contributor.

Please send submissions to the address on the right or alternatively email with details of where the submission can be fetched online.

Forwind Comp.
36B Bodney road,
E8 1AY,
Deadline 2009/03/31

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#2 2009-01-12 18:48:00 Re : Forwind, appel à participation code + musique

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Re: Forwind, appel à participation code + musique

Hé cool je vais envoyer un truc fait avec riz-m

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#3 2009-01-12 19:28:36 Re : Forwind, appel à participation code + musique

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Re: Forwind, appel à participation code + musique

merci pour l'info...

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