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#1 2008-03-26 14:28:32 vvvv 33beta15

Date d'inscription: 2008-02-26
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vvvv 33beta15

Nouvelle mouture pour notre soft prefere big_smile

Download vvvv 33beta15



    * undo of a subset of slices within a bigger spread now works as expected
    * all nodes now have a hidden pin that returns their ID in the patch
    * copy & paste behaviour with more options, better defaults and fixed linkpoints offset
    * new commandline switch: /dda X (where X is the device ID of the device a renderer will go fullscreen on startup) only needed if having troubles going fullscreen on any device other than the primary (which would be 0)

fixed nodes

    * Renderer (DX9): no more cursor and gdi-flicker in fullscreen
    * Mouse (System Window): middle and right mousebuttons now always release on mouseup
    * DX9Texture (EX9.Texture): now works on multiple devices
    * Pipet (EX9.Texture): now works with more texture formats
    * Fog (EX9.Renderstate): should work more reliable
    * WavePlayer (DShow9): greatly enhanced
    * Queue (Spreads), RingBuffer (Spreads): no more division by zero if Insert is nil
    * Select (MySQL): can now deal with nil inputs
    * OSCDecoder (Network): now evaluates for sure

changed nodes

    * Sequencer (Animation): now has a CycleCount output
    * Sift (Value): now has a pin called Epsilon to sift with a given tolerance
    * ConvexHull (2D): now spreadable via a new BinSize pin
    * Memory (Debug EX9): now returns output in megabytes instead of bytes
    * Dir (File): now returns the filecount per input directory
    * Processes (Windows) now has a pin called Update which needs to be banged in order to update the process-list
    * FileStream (DShow9) finally plays avisynth scripts
    * Self (VVVV): added pin ID in ParentPatch
    * Renderer (Flash): added pins DoSeek and SeekFrame
    * Effects now take arrays of values and colors per slice
    * Cons (Spreads): should now be faster on larger spreads
    * SetPatch (VVVV) , GetPatch (VVVV), PatchAlias (VVVV), PatchAlias (VVVV Name) are spreadable now

new nodes

    * SourceBuffer (DShow9): writes your favorite values to a multichannel soundcard
    * SharedMemory (Windows): can access a shared memory file
    * SharedMemory (EX9.Texture): creates a texture from a shared memory file
    * SharedMemory (DShow9 TransformInPlace): passes video through and writes mediasamples to a shared memory file
    * VideoOut (DShow9 SharedMemory): writes mediasamples to a shared memory file
    * SetProcessAffinityMask (Windows): Assigns a process to specific processors
    * NodeList (VVVV) outputs a list of all vvvv nodes

new modules

    * B-Spline (3D Wryly) with which you can twist a B-Spline

new boygrouping

    * patches are transfered to the client as patches, not as a big unstructured graph like before.
    * it should be save to run an existing boygroup project.
    * you now can inspect the received patches on the client like you would inspect patches on your local machine (inspector, tooltip...). (however for now you shouldn't change received patches)
    * relative paths to resources now find their way, if the client and server directories for the project are identical. you now can structurize your work:
          o you can place your resources - like effects, textures, xfiles - where they belong to: in your project directory, not in the vvvv directory.
          o also patches now can be placed in different folders within your project directory.
    * nodes like setpatch, getpatch, patchalias, self (...) now make sense on the client too, since the client executes them within a patch
    * bounds of windows are transfered. in that way you can make sure that a renderer pops up on the second monitor of a client. this is good for situations when you want the first monitor to be used as kind of windows console with taskbar and windows startup screen, and a second monitor for the projection.
    * quiet mode (node Boygroup (VVVV Server)) should work even more quiet. you now can work with more people on the same project within the same LAN with several servers, but with only one communicating to the clients.
    * server and clients can be started in any order
    * synchronized pins (bridges) are faster than before
    * bridges can be inspected in the debug mode (CTRL-F9) on server and client. you see which pins send their value regularly and which bridges are inactive (yellow .. black depending on activity)
    * active and overall bridge counts can also be inspected through the new output pins on the Boygroup (VVVV Server) node.
    * log messages are created when "Broadcast Mode" is UDP, but some spreads are to big for UDP and therefore sent over TCP. good for debugging

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#2 2008-05-11 14:43:11 Re : vvvv 33beta15

Date d'inscription: 2008-02-26
Messages: 243
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Re: vvvv 33beta15

A noter un bug assez ennuyeux sur les shaders. Maintenant vvvv gere les arrays ; mais cette premiere tentative ne marche pas vraiment. Probleme dans la distribution des couleurs notamment... Mais la mise a jour corrige ce bug entre autres...

Download vvvv_33beta15.1



    * dtd updated to be be valid for patches with hidden pins
    * fixed some random evaluation bugs (partly related to s and r nodes)
    * fixed a problem with singletons (nodes which internally only exist once, even when they display in more than one patch)

changed nodes

    * SetMatrix (EX9.Transform) got new pin called Update
    * + (String), + (String Spectral), Separate (String) are more flexible in their intersperse modes.
    * S+H nodes got an additional "Set on Create" pin
    * Togedge (Animation), Change (Animation) got an additional pin "Bang On Create"
    * XPath (XML) is fully spreadable now. it should also be faster on new queries on unchanged XML documents.

fixed nodes

    * Pipet (EX9.Texture) now takes background-color of connected renderer including alpha and fakes alpha for all X... texture formats
    * Mouse (System Global) corrected subtypes of X and Y outputs
    * Writer (File) couldn't write a second time
    * Effect (EX9.Effect): fixed error with arrays of colorpins
    * S+H nodes bug fix (was sampling input when it was empty in the frame before)
    * Waveplayer (DShow9): Sync, DoSeek now spreadable,no crash if driver is changed while playing
    * Counter (Animation) fixed another time. outputted NAN in very special cases


    * DeNiro (Animation) got a help file

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