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#1 2008-04-24 23:16:50 Kinetic Depth Effect

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Kinetic Depth Effect

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The sinusoidal patterns visible in this installation produce an optical illusion known as the Kinetic Depth Effect - whereby impressions of "sculptural" form emerge despite the absence of any of the (object) precedence, (geometric and aerial) perspective, stereopsis and (motion) parallax cues traditionally thought to determine visual perception of three-dimensional space.

After a little while, the lines may appear to fuse into a rising column or rotating vortex (this impression and its changes in orientation are not generated on-screen, but inside the mind of the viewer). The jumpiness and rough quality of You Tube sequences can compromise the formation of this illusion (it works alot better in real life than it does on video), so it may be necessary to let the data for entire clip load completely into You Tube once, before watching the video for a 2nd time, to achieve a smoother image. You may find the image clearer if viewed at the smallest You Tube magnification (buttons to the bottom right of the You Tube screen).

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#2 2008-04-25 17:40:26 Re : Kinetic Depth Effect

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Re: Kinetic Depth Effect

Haa ça prend bien la tête ! C'est dingue t'as vraiment l'impression de profondeur. Par contre la musique c'est un peu limité smile

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