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#1 2019-07-16 10:42:02 Op-Synth

Date d'inscription: 2006-01-06
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The Op-Synth is an open source modular micro analog synthesizer designed to facilitate the understanding of electronics, audio synthesis, audio theory, and filtering.

Media: DIY Kit

Dimensions: 3"x3"

The Op-Synth is a 100% analog kit that needs to be assembled. It is easy to build and is an excellent introduction to electronics. It introduces to the basic principles of sound synthesis through a modular patch bay just like a modular analog synthesizer. It is also equipped with a LED than can help to visualize the evolution of the sound signal and serves as a basic introduction to synesthesia. In addition to generating an audio signal, the Op-Synth has an audio input that allows musicians to manipulate the sound that comes from their cell phone, music player or electric guitar. Many Op-Synths can also be chained to each other to create more complex sonic textures. Moreover, this tiny(3"x3") synthesizer is inexpensive.

All the circuitry is built as independent modules that are simple to isolate, understand and hack. Electronics by Thomas O Fredericks. Graphical design and illustrations by Denis Raby.


lien vers la page de la vidéo sur vimeo

ps : il a l'air trop bien mais je n'ai pas de réponse de l'auteur pour acheter un kit et le circuit imprimé m'a lair compliqué à recréer.

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