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#1 2012-12-30 22:51:25 vvvv_45beta29

Date d'inscription: 2008-02-26
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Nouvelle release!

Evidemment maintenant disponible en versions x86 et x64.


-vvvv now comes in a 32bit and a 64bit flavour, the second of which has some nodes missing, see: vvvv-64bit
-vvvv is now fully unicode internally which removes taking care of ANSI/UTF8 settings on various string-handling nodes, see: unicorn-in-alpha-builds
-there is a new basic data-type RAW for low-level bytehandling, see: new-datatype-raw
-necessary switch to AddFlow5 component for gui slows down moving of many nodes (sorry for that)
-fix for a special case of refactoring/grouping
-CreatePatchInPatch now creates window and node at cursor
-now using a new Directory-Selection Dialog
-crack now checks for availability of MSVC++ 2008 redistributables as well
-added /unregister commandline-option for crack.exe
-some boygroup fixes:
-Values are not transmitted as double (LittleEndian). was single (BigEndian). more bandwidth but less cpu usage
-Strings are transmitted with UTF8
-Colors are transmitted as colors (much faster)
-The new raw datatype can be sent over network (boygroup)
-IOBox (String) read from wrong array (action array) in case it was boygrouped
-fixed initialization issue when creating plugin pins (/forum-alpha/weird-new-behavior)?
-Fixed random memory corruption
-Fixed some XML error warnings on startup
-If creation of plugin fails, error won't be logged every frame anymore

new nodes
-Leap (Devices) implements the leap motion device SDK
-Player (EX9.Texture) - a high-performance player for picture sequences
-HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture) - a chromium based texture for playing back youtube, flash and more see: htmltexture-(ex9.texture)
-a series of new XML-handling nodes: xml-nodes-added-to-alpha-builds
-Reader (RAW), Writer (RAW) for reading binary files
-PinInfo (VVVV)
-Path (SVG) lets you build advanced 2d graphics paths
-Database (MySQL Network) nodes

removed nodes
-all Database (MySQL) nodes. Please use the new MySQL database nodes from the addonpack.
-PictureStack (EX9.Texture*) is now legacy. See new Player (Ex9.Texture) node.
-Replaced Vector (Spreads Join/Split) with Zip/Unzip (Value)

changed nodes
-Reader/Writer (File) are now Reader/Writer (String) modules that default to UTF8 encoding
-LogFile (VVVV) got a ShowTimeStamp
-UDP (Network Server/Client) now have RAW in/outs
-original UDP (Network Server/Client) are now UDP (Network Server/Client String) modules
-TCP (Network Server/Client) now have RAW in/outs
-original TCP (Network Server/Client) are now TCP (Network Server/Client String) modules
-RS232 (Devices) now has RAW in/outs
-original RS232 (Devices) is now RS232 (Devices String)
-all nodes of the category MySQL had to be replaced by plugins
-OSCEncoder/Decoder (Network) now have RAW in/outs
-GUI 2d nodes work with the new mouse state and can handle multitouch
-Added "Allow Empty Spreads" option to Zip node

fixed nodes
-Cursor (System) now has its Y input flipped
-DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) in cubemap mode now works with multiple rendertargets
-PatchState (VVVV) got a memleak fixed
-HTTP (Network Get/Post) now copes with https connections
-fixed a special case of Linearspread: faulty-results-for-spreaded-linearspread
-CreateEnum bug fix
-Added support for multiple texture coordinates to collada loader.

-IPin2.Subtype now includes enumName for enumpins
-ColorPin now also returns priority
-Updated to SlimDX version
-The "Texture Out" pin of plugins using the texture template class will always be the left most pin
-Fixed COM exception when setting SubType on INodeIn/INodeOut
-Added possibility to set Dimension in IOAttribute for IO objects which do not have an inner generic data type set (like the pointer types)

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#2 2013-02-28 09:05:24 Re : vvvv_45beta29

Date d'inscription: 2008-02-26
Messages: 243
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Re: vvvv_45beta29

Le festival Node et les workshops étaient accompagnés d'une nouvelle release.
Surtout du bugfix smile


-fixed drawing of debug numbers
-no more .xml files showing up in NodeBrowser
-pluginwindows now report Mouse/Keyboard (Window)
-cloning a node with NodeBrowser half outside desktop now allows scrolling to see all
-opening Kommunikator once made beta29 instable and likely caused a crash

dynamic plugins
-fixed an issue when dynamic plugins turned red when opening the project explorer
-lib/nodes/plugins will also be added to the ReferencePath of a dynamic plugin project
-auto generated project files of dynamic plugins are now more similar to those of the addonpack (include x86 and x64 configuration)
-added Template (Raw)
-difff now supports "current" where the version is expected. That should help anybody who wants to rename own nodes and temporarily convert some patches. see help in the difffile. (in \lib)

new nodes
-AsRaw (EX9.Texture)
-FrameDelay (Transform) as module
-+ (Raw) node with intersperse input (same as + (String)).
-Cons (Raw)

fixed nodes
-Line (Ex9.Geometry) was broken in beta29x86
-SpellValue 'Ascii' now behaves like pre-beta29
-WindowLists (Windows) was broken in beta29
-Rope (DX9) was broken in beta29x64
-Midinodes were broken in beta29
-Queue/FrameDelay (EX9.Texture) now return a sharedhandle in /dx9ex mode
-Info (EX9.Texture) now reports sharedhandle in x64 builds
-Leap (Devices) updated to Leapmotion SDK 0.7.3
-Finder didn't work in release build
-Fixed exception in AsValue (Raw)
-Unzip (String Bin) returned empty spreads in some occasions

changed nodes
-OSCEncoder/Decoder now return/take the new Raw datatype
-QRCode (EX9.Texture) reimplemented as a plugin based on
-RS232 (Devices) now features 2 more (higher) baudrates
-Writer (String) module got 'Create Directory' pin back
-HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture): Moved to CEF 1.1180.832

plugin interface
-IFlushable update
-Added "force" parameter to IFlushable.Flush method in order to circumvent certain changed flags and force a -flush / write out to the pin.
-Added property "AutoFlush" to OutputAttribute which defaults to true in order to disable auto flush behaviour by --plugin host. See the AsRaw/AsValue nodes for a use case.
-Improved performance of AsRaw (Value) and AsValue (Raw).
-BufferedIOStream increases its size when writing values one by one. Very handy when length of stream is unknown.

cleanup on multiscreen modules. deleted the dual view. made the spanmode legacy.

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