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#1 2008-07-30 23:32:25 vvvv_40beta17

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Annonce avec un peu de retard smile

-A noter l'integration des VSTs, et un Undo qui semble refonctionner...Youppiiiie !!!

Amusez-vous bien big_smile

telecharger vvvv_40beta17


    * some Undo bug removed
    * ID pins don't return NIL anymore
    * better Boygroup debugging tools (check the Boygroup nodes)
    * boygroup server now takes optional broadcast IP on the commandline after the /server switch (else broadcasts on default network adapter)
    * convverter (diff.xml) can convert nodes (and patches) with inputs and outputs having the same name
    * you can now find the nodelist.xml file in \bin which holds a specification of all nodes in the current release (still missing: plugins, modules, freeframes, effects)
    * new commandline argument: "/shutup" will disable all shortcuts (but Alt-F4) and won't let patches nor inspectors show up
    * vvvv now supports VST effects and instruments within sound graphs

plugin interface

    * plugins may now implement IDisposable to be notified when the plugins node is being destroyed
    * plugins may now use the Log() function to write directly to vvvvs console, ie. Renderer (TTY) at any time
    * plugin-pins have a new property: IsConnected

new nodes

    * Copy (String) returns substrings containing Count characters starting at Index
    * DMX (Devices ecue Texture) sends textures to ecue devices according to an ecue-patch-file
    * DMX (Devices ecue Butler) sends DMX values to ecue Butler devices
    * eNet (Devices ecue Info) shows ecue devices that are visible in the local network

changed nodes

    * WavePlayer (DShow9) can now output to multichannel soundcards
    * Writer (EX9.Texture) now creates a specified directory if it doesn't exist.
    * DoQuit (VVVV) now has a QuerySave input
    * UDP (Network Server) now has a BufferSize input
    * Boygroup (Server) now has a MaxUDPSize input
    * VideoIn (DShow9) now has TriggerMode and Trigger inputs
    * Attractor nodes throughput Input to Output when no attractor is specified
    * Switch (Node) should be much faster

fixed nodes

    * OSCDecoder (Network) fixed OnReceive output and fix with nil inputs
    * SharedMemory (DShow9 TransformInPlace): now accepts more videosubtypes and no longer crashes if reader of memorylocation was there first
    * VideoOut (DShow9 SharedMemory) no longer crashes if reader of memorylocation was there first
    * Homography (Transform 2d) and GaussJordan (Value): memory leak in equation solver
    * Intersect nodes: don't report a false intersection anymore, if no inverse of the world matrix exists
    * VideoTexture (EX9.Texture VMR9 YUVMixing) no longer flickers

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