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#1 2012-06-29 10:22:24 The AFRON "10 Dollar Robot" Design Challenge

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The AFRON "10 Dollar Robot" Design Challenge

The goal of the AFRON "10 Dollar Robot" Design Challenge is to design a new class of affordable robots for learning (especially in primary and secondary schools). Robots excite people of all ages. Their physical behavior in response to programs and/or sensors inspires student interest in computers, science, math, and engineering more broadly. However, existing platforms are often too expensive for students in many African countries and other emerging economies (this competition is open to anyone worldwide).

Note that US$ 10 is a target but we are happy to accept designs that don't reach this goal.

There will be nine winners: a first, second and third prize in each of three categories (described below)

First prize: $500 + 1 Raspberry Pi
Second prize: $250 + 1 Raspberry Pi
Third prize: $100 + 1 Raspberry Pi
In addition, there will be "honorable mentions" for additional creative designs. We welcome submissions from hobbyists and students, in addition to professionals.

Submission Deadline
15th September 2012. Winners will be announced in October 2012

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